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Roofing does not have to be stressful. When you work with a licensed, experienced and honest company, you know you will be in good hands. Whether you need a few small repairs or a new roof, Danco Roofing is here to serve your residential and commercial needs. Call now for a free cost estimate.

Replace a Roof

Full Service Roofing

Central Florida weather is tough on roofing material. Years of high winds, driving rain and relentless sun can take a heavy toll. Let us help! We can:

  • Repair your asphalt shingles. Hail and flying debris can wear off the protective granules, leaving the asphalt exposed to UV rays – and premature failure. We can identify loose, buckled or curled shingles and fix them fast.
  • Replace a tile roof. Even minor cracks in clay and concrete tile can invite leaks, and stress the underlying barrier. Because tiles outlast this underlayment, it may need to be replaced. Fortunately, in most cases, we can save the tiles themselves and put them back on – saving you money and resources.
  • Metal roof repair. Aluminum and steel expand and contract during the day. Sometimes this can cause fasteners to loosen and panels may no longer fit tightly. Older installations rust and develop holes. We can do the needed work with precision and fine craftsmanship.

Replace a Roof
When previous patching and stop-gap measures just don’t work anymore, turn to us. We will let you know whether you need a new surface. We believe what you can’t see is as important as what you can, so we take the time to prepare the roofing sub-surface:

  • Ensure solid decking and watertight underlayment.
  • Replace protective metal flashing around vents, eaves, rakes and valleys.
  • Ensure a long lasting installation through proper insulation and ventilation.

Types of Roofing
Shingle – The most popular residential roofing material in America comes in a range of styles, weights and colors.

We are approved installers of such top composition roof manufacturers as GAF, Owens-Corning and CertainTeed.

Tile – Spanish clay tile offers a stunning lifetime roof for both residential and commercial properties. Choose from a range of profiles and colors from respected manufacturers like Santafé and Altusa. Concrete tile, a lighter alternative, is attractive, durable and backed by warranties of 50 years or more. We proudly offer such robust brands as Entegra, Monier Lifetile and Hanson.

residential roofing

Stone coated steel – Perfect for homes or commercial facilities, this type of roofing combines the durability of steel, the strength of acrylic, and the protective qualities of gravel – and tiles that are fastened on four sides for superior leak resistance. It is considered a lifetime surface.

Metal – Whether you want tile, standing seam or screw down panels, we have over 25 years of experience in creating durable coverings for commercial applications. The upfront cost of metal roofing is quickly balanced by the energy savings, weather resistance and lifetime durability. It saves significantly on maintenance and cooling.

TPO – We install singly ply surfaces that are flexible, energy efficient and highly waterproof. Thermoplastic polyolefin is an effective retrofitting choice for low sloped surfaces, and it creates a cool roof when used in white or very light colors.

Inspections and Maintenance
Roofing should withstand hurricane force winds, driving rain and damaging solar rays. Like any other part of your property, it needs routine examinations and occasional tune-ups.

  • Turn to us for a free evaluation of your flat or sloped roofing.
  • If a storm has caused leaks or structural damage, call us right away. Get fast response, help with insurance claims, and reroofing or replacements done right.
  • We can certify your roof for wind mitigation and code compliance.

Call a Recognized Name
Count on us for old-fashioned honesty and best-in-class workmanship. Founded in 1996, we offer comprehensive labor and material guarantees for every surface we install. We are longtime members of the Better Business Bureau and rated among the top 10 percent of roof companies in the Orlando metro area.

We are fully licensed and insured for your protection and peace of mind. We proudly service Longwood, Orlando, Windermere and all of the surrounding areas. Call for leak-free protection season after season, year after year.