Metal Roof Installation

Metal Roof Installation Metal roofing installation lasts longer and holds up better to wind than almost any other roofing material. And it offers a wealth of architectural choices. Is it any wonder metal is capturing a greater share of the market in Central Florida? Call now if you are building a new development, or managing a property that needs reroofing.

Common Types of Metal Roofing Installation
Standing seam – A popular choice for commercial applications, this type of roof uses mechanically fastened or snap-locks to create a continuous vertical seam from eaves to ridge. The seams are placed above the drainage surface and concealed, so fasteners will not come into contact with rainwater.

Advantage: We attach longer metal panel seams to the roof deck with movable, hidden clips. This allows for the thermal expansion and contraction that needs to be accounted for during a metal roofing installation.

Metal tiles – Coated steel or aluminum can be formed or pressed into various shingle and tile shapes, and then painted to resemble wood shake, slate and tile. They are lightweight and can be placed over an existing roof in some cases.

Advantage: Tiles are highly suitable for low-sloped surfaces. The four-way interlocking joints promote water shedding on roofs that have a slope of at least 3:12 (3 inches of rise for every 12 inches of run). They can also work on flatter surfaces that are properly prepared, flashed and maintained.

Stone coated steel – These shingles are made of Galvalume steel sandwiched between layers of tough acrylic and protective granules. These granules are so tightly bonded that they will not shear off as they might in asphalt shingles.

Advantage: Stone coated steel can be fabricated to look like composition shingles, shake and tile. They are designed to last a lifetime.

Copper – This legacy-quality material is far more expensive than other metals but lends prestige to a building, and it lasts for a lifetime. It is available in sheets that are custom-cut into panels, radiuses and tiles; as well as gutters, flashing and decorative elements.

Advantage: New copper’s bright salmon color oxidizes to brown and then a greenish patina but never degrades. It is fully recyclable.

Installation Techniques
Various manufacturers specify application techniques of their products, and we are approved installers for all major brands. Commercial and residential builders have trusted our team for more than 25 years for metal roofing installation. We install:

  • Standing seam
  • Snap lock
  • 5-V crimp
  • Tile and shingle

Because metal expands and contracts with temperature changes, we take extra care on all our projects, setting clips and fasteners at the right angle and tension for a roof that holds up to the elements.

Cooler Building
A metal roofing installation can save you, or your tenants, on cooling costs. The surface is highly reflective and emits heat back into the atmosphere quickly at the end of the day. When it is painted in white or light colors, the total monthly savings can top 40 percent. This type of roofing is perfect for Florida summers and will keep your occupants cooler and more comfortable.

In addition to energy efficiency, metal roofs reduce your carbon footprint and brand you as an eco—conscious business. The materials are both recyclable and can be recycled. Did you know about 10 percent of the materials in any given landfill are from the roofing industry, particularly asphalt shingles? Metal eliminates this problem.

Lower Your Risks
roofing installation Installing a metal roof can reduce your insurance premium in some cases, because it reduces risk: It resists fire, insects and wind lift. And a typical Florida hailstorm will not cause functional damage.

Low Maintenance
A metal roofing installation will reduce your maintenance budget. The materials resist corrosion and clean easily:

  • A hose is all your maintenance people need to clean it.
  • Any dents from hail or impact are likely cosmetic. Let us check them for you.
  • Flashings should be checked periodically for integrity.

If you are responsible for a commercial development, vacation rentals or other multifamily units, it pays to get the best covering possible. While a metal roofing installation in Longwood, Orlando, Windermere, or any surrounding area requires an investment, it saves you in the long run – lasting 3 to 5 times longer than most other materials. Get top quality work from a roof company you can rely on. Call now.